What is a Postdoctoral Association?

We are volunteers that share in a desire to help and support the postdoctoral population at USC and CHLA in two main areas: 1) Community Building and 2) Career Development. 

Why be a part of a Postdoctoral Association?

There are many benefits to being a leader within your postdoctoral community.  Firstly, working collaboratively in teams with your colleagues to oversee the Association’s big-picture goals is a great way to showcase your leadership capability.  Secondly, it is a great way to build your team-centered soft skills on your resume to future potential employers or show that you are capable of committee service work at a University, much like what would be required as a faculty member.  You will be surrounded by like-minded colleagues who share in your desire to improve the postdoctoral experience at USC and CHLA.  You will have a say in the career development events that take place. Finally, many postdocs find unique opportunities to develop their industry relevant networks by inviting industry professionals or USC Postdoc “Alums” back to campus for seminars, workshops, etc.       


2022-2023 Action Plan Development In progress

Community Building through exercise and mental wellness

Stress, frustration, and anxiety goes hand-in-hand with doing a postdoc. Next year we will focus on improving the health of postdocs at USC.  Together, with the support of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, we will be hosting Fitness Power Hour regimens with Coach Kevin Robinson to help you work off your stress in his ‘power hours’.  We will also coordinate weekend hiking, biking and kayaking trips with each other.

Professional Development

With further input from postdoc community, we will be working on developing Professional Development opportunities including workshops, writing groups, and a Fall 2022 career conference, and hosting informational seminars on U.S. Visas.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at postdocs@usc.edu with the subject line: ‘PDA Action Plan Development’