January 8, 2020

January 2020 Events


Happy Hour
Join us for happy hour this month to welcome in the new year! To find us, look for the PDA sign.

Date: Friday, December 17th

Time and Location:

UPC The Lab (3500 S Figueroa St) 6:30-7:30 pm
HSC The Edmonson (1969 Zonal Ave) 5-6 pm
CHLA Home Restaurant (1760 Hillhurst Ave)  5-6 pm


Solstice Canyon Hike

Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/usc-solstice-canyon-hike-with-kevin-robinson-tickets-86949868397

Eventbrite Password: uscpda2020

TRAIL: Solstice Canyon


WHEN: Saturday, January 25 2020 @ 9am.

DIRECTIONS: There is no exact address I believe but you can find it on Wayz and Google maps by entering “Solstice Canyon Hike Trail Parking” or on your iPhone GPS under “Solstice Canyon Trail”. It is relatively easy to find. My recommendation is to take the PCH from Santa Monica since the drive has some amazing views in itself. You will need to turn right onto Coral Canyon Rd which is about 17 miles from Santa Monica on the PCH. There is a 76 gas station right at the intersection where you will need to make the turn onto Coral Canyon Rd. About a quarter mile after making the turn, you will need to take a left onto Solstice Canyon Rd. You will see a sign for the entrance of the park. Make sure to drive all the way down the single lane road since the main parking lot is at the end of that road. There is a pavilion(named “Solstice Canyon Educational Shelter”) as well as rest rooms where the main parking lot is located. The pavilion will be the meet up area.

PARKING: Parking is free in the lot(s). But the challenge is that the main parking lot is not that big and it will get full quickly. That is why it is important to get to the lot early(hence the reason why we are starting at 9am). You can also find parking in the small lot at the front of the entrance or along the road by the entrance. Just be aware that it will be about a half mile hike to meet up in the main parking lot.

WHAT TO BRING/WEAR: Regular running shoes are fine for this hike but hiking boots are good as well; comfortable athletic/hiking attire; sunscreen/hat if you burn easily since part of the hike will be mostly exposed; 32oz of water

DESCRIPTION: The main feature of this hike besides the beautiful scenery is the waterfall at the end of the trail and some old ruins from early settlers. There is also usually a big flock of green parakeets. The hike will be a loop so we will not be coming back to the parking lot the same way we hike up to it the waterfall. We will be taking the Sunrise Trail, which is a more exposed, single track trail back to the cars. This should be a relatively easy hike if you are in decent shape. If anyone is interested, there is a good little roadside seafood restaurant we could stop at on the way back for lunch or if you prefer, there are picnic tables near the parking lot as well. I have included a link to the trail:

Solstice Canyon

ADDITIONAL: Since this hike is located in Malibu and the only way to get there is by car, if we could get some volunteers who can carpool for those who don’t have a car and would like to go it would be greatly appreciated. Please indicate when you sign up on the Eventbrite if you will need a ride. My best recommendation is to take the Expo line train to the last stop in Santa Monica(I believe it’s near 4th street) and that can be the meet up point.