November 25, 2019

December Events

Coffee Hour
Join us for FREE coffee every other month. Coffee hour takes place on the second Wednesday of the month. To find us, look for the PDA sign.

Date:Wednesday, December 11th

Time and Location:

UPC Starbucks next to Lyon Center 1-2pm
HSC Starbucks at the Plaza Marketplace 2-3pm
CHLA Aroma’s Coffee at HBO Café 9:30-10:30am




“Hey Postdocs!

Come out and celebrate the holiday season on the ice at Ice at Santa Monica on Saturday, December 14th!

Ice at Santa Monica not only offers skate rentals, but also ice skating lessons, cabana rentals and food, plus there are a ton of restaurants on the 3rd street Pramenade if you’re looking for a variety of choices!

All day admission plus ice skate rentals is $15.

There are many ways to get the downtown Santa Monica. If you are driving, there are multiple public parking structures are located on 2nd and 4th Streets, within walking distance of Ice at Santa Monica.

Parking is free for the first 90 minutes and subject to a daily maximum of $25. You can also arrive at Ice at Santa Monica by Big Blue Bus or via the Metro Expo light rail line.

We will plan to meet in front of the ice skating rink at 2pm and will plan to have a group dinner hangout afterward. Feel free to stick around, or explore DTSM on your own!

RSVP and more info here:

For more questions regarding the venue, you can contact Ice at Santa Monica

Phone: (310) 260-1199”


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Eventbrite Link:

Eventbrite Password: pda2019

WHEN: Saturday, December 14th at 9am to 10:30 or 12pm *DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM DECEMBER 7 TO DECEMBER 14 DUE TO EXPECTED RAIN*

WHERE: Los Liones to Parker Mesa Trail – I believe the address for the trailhead is 510 Los Liones Dr., Los Angeles

DIRECTIONS: How I get there is to take the PCH towards Malibu and then turn right onto Sunset(Sunset T’s into the PCH so you can only go one direction off the PCH). Then about a quarter mile down, you take a left onto Los Liones Dr.(there is a stop light) and that will take you right to the trail head. Lots of free parking in lots and on the street.

DISTANCE/DURATION: 2.6 miles and 1.5hrs for just the Los Liones Trail, 7.3 miles and 3.5/4hrs for the full Los Liones to Parker Mesa trail. This is all essentially ONE trail but technically broken into 2 trails – the Los Liones and the Parker Mesa trail.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to moderate for the Los Liones Trail; Moderate to Difficult(depending on fitness level) for the full hike

WHAT TO BRING/WEAR: If you are doing the full 7.3 mile hike, I highly recommend bringing at least 32oz of water. I usually will take a 32oz bottle of water as well as a 16oz Gatorade. If you are doing just the 2.6 mile hike, you could probably get away with 20-32oz. water. This is of course all dependent on how hot it will be that day. You do not need hiking boots but definitely comfortable running shoes and workout attire. Other options would be sun block, sunglasses and/or hat. We will be having a lunch break at the Parker Mesa overlook before heading back so I would recommend bringing something to eat since it is a long hike.

DESCRIPTION: This is one of my favorite hikes in west L.A.! The full hike is challenging but the view of the ocean at the end of the trail is probably the best you will see and absolutely(IMO) worth the trek. The Los Liones trail up to the Parker Mesa trail is mainly singletrack switchback and has the most foliage. Once we get to the Parker Mesa trail, it is mainly a fire road which is much wider but also very exposed with little foliage. This is the point where those who feel they can’t do the whole hike will turnaround and head back down the same way they came up. I will not be accompanying them since I will be taking those who want to do the whole hike to the of the Parker Mesa overlook. What makes these trails difficult, especially for those doing the whole hike up to the Parker Mesa overlook, is that it is a steady incline up the trail(1600ft elevation gain). But we will take breaks because there are just so many beautiful views along the way!

RESTRICTIONS: No Dogs allowed on trail