May 6, 2016

USC Postdoc Symposium 2016 Talk Guidelines

The USC Postdoctoral Association is pleased to announce the First Annual USC Postdoctoral Symposium on May 18th from 12-6pm. This symposium will feature presentations by USC postdocs across many disciplines of research. Each presentation will be 10 minutes in length followed by a 5 minutes question and answer session. Presenters will have the chance to win one of 3 cash prizes (1st $1000, 2nd $750, and 3rd $500)! If you plan on attending this event please RSVP at the link below.

Call For Abstracts

The talks will be in the style of “TED” and should be in a manner that audience from all disciplines can understand and appreciate. Please submit a brief paragraph of the topic you wish to present at the symposium. This abstract should be less than 250 words. The deadline to submit an abstract is May 15th .


Oral Presentation Judging Rubric

Scoring Criteria Points Score
Content Defines background and importance of research 10
States objective, and is able to identify relevant questions 5
Defines technical terms in language appropriate for the target audience 5
Contains accurate and relevant information 5
Is well organized 5
Summarizes major points of talk 5
Provides you with a “take-home” message 10
Style and delivery Speaks clearly and at an understandable pace 5
Delivery is poised, controlled, and smooth 5
Uses body language appropriately 5
Observes time limit 10
Answer questions professionally 10
Visual aids are well prepared, informative, and not distracting 5
Bonus points Very interesting 5
Pleasant to listen to 5
Very good communication 5
Total points 100