August 7, 2019

Part-time adjunct teaching position at Occidental College in Genetics

Your Eagle Rock neighbor Occidental College seeks a part-time adjunct to teach a course in genetics with two labs this fall. Teaching as an adjunct is a great way to demonstrate course development on your CV and a must for landing a tenure-track position at primarily undergraduate institutions like Occidental College. As an added plus this course has a small enrollment (~11 students).

The Biology Department seeks a part-time adjunct instructor to teach an intermediate-level course in genetics with two lab sections during the fall semester, 2019.  A Masters-level degree or PhD is required.

Course description:

BIO 224 Genetic Analysis

Intensive concept-driven exploration of genetic information transfer between generations. Topics include: Mendelian principles, allelic and genetic interactions at the phenotypic level, complex traits, genetic mapping, DNA repair and genome maintenance, epigenetics, and principles of gene regulation. Includes one three-hour laboratory session per week, plus 1-2 hours arranged office hours.

BIO 224 0      Genetic Analysis                        11:45am-12:40pm      MWF students 11

BIO 224L 1    Genetic Analysis Laboratory   01:55pm-04:50pm         W  students 6

BIO 224L 2    Genetic Analysis Laboratory         01:30pm-04:25pm   R    students 5

The fall semester 2019 runs from Aug. 27th to Dec. 3rd, with finals week from Dec. 6th to the 13th.

Occidental College Mission

The mission of Occidental College is to provide a gifted and diverse group of students with a total educational experience of the highest quality—one that prepares them for leadership in an increasingly complex, interdependent and pluralistic world.

Please forward all inquiries to:

Joseph R. Schulz, Professor and Chair of Biology: