Get Involved

Executive Council

The PDA’s Executive Council seeks out nominations for all positions at the beginning of every summer, and elections follow after a month. For vacant positions, nominations are encouraged and accepted year-round. Interested postdocs are strongly encouraged to inquire with the Executive Council about ways to get involved prior to the nomination period. There are numerous ways to contribute.

The Health Sciences Campus Networking Chair position is currently vacant! The Networking Chair is responsible for organizing social and professional development activities, and building a collegial and welcoming atmosphere for postdocs working on HSC. If you’re interested in participating in these activities and joining the USC PDA Executive Council, please contact Tim at


The PDA is seeking representatives from all USC postdoc constituencies. Representatives form a valuable link between the PDA and individual communities (such as departments, schools, or campuses). In addition, they allow under-represented postdocs to leverage the PDA’s resources and visibility to issues that are relevant to their communities.


There are many other ways for contribute to USC’s postdoctoral life. If you have an idea for a project or are passionate about a specific issue, let us know!
For more information on any of these opportunities, contact us at