Community Grant Program

We would like to implement a small grants program (< $250 per project) designed specifically to support community events and activities organized by USC postdocs. For example, such events could include:

– “Coffee breaks” and other social activities at departmental and school levels.
– Professional development events
– Community outreach programs

Specifically, we seek to support proposals that fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Involve USC postdocs as organizers and as the core audience
  2. Provide a clear benefit to USC postdocs through professional development, community-building events and programs, and social/professional networking between postdocs at USC and peer institutions
  3. Complement the existing activities of the USC postdoctoral association

The program aims to:

  • Foster grass-roots community-building at the department/school level.
  • Support events that complement the existing programming of the PDA and address specific needs and wants.
  • Allow motivated postdocs to work on events and programs that they are passionate about.
  • Encourage the proposal of novel/original ideas.


The community grant program is currently in its pilot phase, and is based on the following mechanism:

  1. The proposer (i.e. you!) must complete the following form (link) and send it, in PDF form and by e-mail, to Dr. Timotei Centea (
  2. The Executive Committee will consider the application and approve/reject it by vote. If approved, a specific level of support ($X < $250) will be clearly specified. If rejected, appropriate justification will be provided. The yearly level of funding for the community grant program will be determined by the annual budget of the PDA, and the Executive Committee will strive to ensure that funds equitably distributed throughout the year.
  3. The proposer will organize the event, and provide receipts for reimbursement (up to the allocated level) along with a brief report.
  4. The Postdoctoral Association (and Office of Postdoctoral Affairs) will reimburse the proposer.

Note that this mechanism may be modified as the pilot program evolves. For any questions, please contact Dr. Timotei Centea (